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“King of Words” English Spelling Contest Closed Last Week

时间:2019/11/8 15:46:12   作者:王小语   来源:教育在线   阅读:343   评论:0
Remain true to our original aspiration
Keep our mission firmly in mind

   With the advent of the 60th anniversary of No.1 Senior Middle School No.1 Machinery Group (Baotou Foreign Language School), the King of Words English Spelling Contest was organized by English teachers from Grade One to enlarge students’ vocabulary and fire their enthusiasm for learning English.After three rounds of fierce competitions,the contest closed on November 4,2019 in the lecture hall ,which awakened a strong passion for vocabulary learning among students.

   Many entertaining and fascinating activities were designed.The rigorous competition began with a writing test on September 23, in which all the Senior One students participated.After the exciting preliminary contest,60 students with the highest scores stood out and were qualified for the next round.Each of them received a delicate invitation card written by their teachers.

   The second round was divided into 2 parts—individual competition and group cooperation including word dictation, news capture,affix  brainstorm,chunk collection and solitaire games. Everyone present was impressed by students’ excellent performance.In the end,four groups did incredibly well in this fierce competition and managed to enter the final round.The judges presented souvenirs to contestants and awarded invitation cards to 16 winners.

   The final round ultimately fell on November 4,2019 and appealed to everyone.New activities were added to the final round,such as definition match,word puzzle,tacit understanding and synonyms gathering.The well-designed forms of tests created a tense atmosphere and took everyone’s breath away.The stunning singing performances and the stirring interaction part captured everyone’s attention, rippling rounds of applause.

   After eight rounds’ furious competitions,Guo Zhongbin from class 17 took the title of King of the Words.The genius following the champion is Li Jiatai from class 17,and the Third Prize went to Xu Haoyi from class 16 .The guests presented certificates and prizes to the winners.
   English, as a popular and universal language, has become not only a tool for communication but also a cultural icon, which also demonstrates students’ ability.The Spelling Contest definitely offered a stage to show students’ talents and a golden opportunity for them to be exposed to English and discover the charm of the vocabulary.
   Thanks for the extensive support from all the school departments.But for their wholehearted support,this competition would not have been so successful! And best wishes for the 60th birthday of our school!





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